Mark Wood. 34. Factory Worker

I had a bad case of social anxiety and didn’t know where to turn”

Mark Wood, 34 years old has turned his life around. From 122kg, social anxiety to 107kg, joining in all our social events and pushing the limits beyond where he thought wasn’t possible.
Mark is a true inspiration to everyone, he is proof that it doesn’t matter where you start from, all that matters is that you start and when you surround yourself with a community of like-minded people it’s hard not to achieve amazing things.

I hope Mark’s story inspires at least one person to start their journey to a healthier happier lifestyle.

Shayne Reese and Luke Harper
We cannot thank the team at Perfit Training Centre enough for making our workout experience so enjoyable! It’s not just about how fit and strong you are, it’s about living a healthy lifestyle and PerFit have taught us to approach life with new optimism, confidence, and self-belief. The trainers make everyone feel welcome, always easy to talk to, and offer great advice and tips. Not since training for the Olympic Games has a gym or personal trainer been able to provide us with an environment or regime of such intensity where the results are inevitable.
Olivia Mulraney

I’ve never been someone who has liked going to the gym or when I have gone it has only lasted for a couple of months, until now. I’ve been going to PerFit for over a year and it is like no other gym that I know of. For me, I love it so much because it’s not about what you can’t do, it’s not about being judged or made to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed because you can’t keep up with everyone else. It’s about YOU and doing YOUR very best. I keep going because every boot camp is different and challenging in so many ways, and I’ve become a much more happier and confident person since going. I know I’ve struck gold because of the coaches we have, I’ve laughed and cried to them and they’ve given me nothing but support and encouragement the whole way.

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