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We’re a premium health & wellness community with two outstanding locations Ballarat and Buninyong that caters to a variety of everyday people; from stay at home mums and dads, to business owners, nurses, students and even the local postie.

Our core goal is to develop the fitness level of all our members in order to promote a healthier lifestyle so that you not only feel and look better but move better. PerFit is open to people of every fitness levels and constantly encourages the addition of new members in to our welcoming community, with a firm belief that everybody deserve the right to experience a level of fitness that they’re never felt before.

Our mission is quite simple: To give our clients the amazing life changing results that they want, need and deserve.

What is PerFit

Scalable To Fitness Levels

PerFit is the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience.

Constantly Varied

Every day the work out is different. Routine is the enemy. This keeps training enjoyable and well rounded.

Relative High Intensity

Classes are designed for you to work at your level of intensity to increase strength and fitness fast.

Family Fitness

PerFit is a big family that train, motivate, socialise, and workout together. But most of all have FUN together!

Quality Coaching

All our coaches are professionally trained and are passionate about you achieving your best!

Broad And Inclusive

Our program delivers a holistic approach that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. We are more than a gym.

Giving our clients the amazing life changing results that they want, Need and Deserve.

Getting Started at PerFit Training Centre

Step 1:

Coaches will spend time with you, introducing you to the movements and easing
you in to a workout. These sessions run on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at
multiple time slots, to cater for your busy schedule. You can start with any session, one, two or three.

None of those time slots work? We can schedule your sessions via appointment to suit you.

Step 2:

After completing your complimentary Intro/Element session you will schedule your next two Intro/Elements sessions with our coaches. This will
prepare you for moving into group classes by providing you with technique
and skills to perform all movements safely.


Step 3:

Once you've completed your three Intro/Elements sessions you may join our group classes and take advantage of our community events. You will select a membership option that best suits your needs. With two, three or unlimited sessions per week at Ballarat and Buninyong gyms.



Get to know our coaches!

Coach Anthony

Anthony Ebery

Owner, Coach, Transformation Specialist

DTB 5033

Tanya (Tina) Eldridge

Member Services Coordinator, Coach

DTB 5019

Simone Howard

Coach, Boot Camp Specialist

Coach Eleisha

Eleisha Dennis

CrossFit Kids & Teens Coach

JE3 1913

Jim Ryan

CrossFit Coach

Mal Howard CrossFit Coach

Mal Howard

CrossFit Coach


Mel Robinson

CrossFit Coach

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Alex Georgiou

CrossFit Coach

Rebecca Slater CrossFit Coach

Rebecca Slater

Women's Strength & Conditioning Coach

What Our Clients Say About Us

Mark Wood. 34. Factory Worker

"I had a bad case of social anxiety and didn't know where to turn"

Mark Wood, 34 years old has turned his life around. From 122kg, social anxiety to 107kg, joining in all our social events and pushing the limits beyond where he thought wasn't possible.
Mark is a true inspiration to everyone, he is proof that it doesn't matter where you start from, all that matters is that you start and when you surround yourself with a community of like minded people it's hard not achieve amazing things.

I hope Mark's story inspires at least one person to start their journey to a healthier happier lifestyle.

I’ve never been someone who has liked going to the gym or when I have gone it has only lasted for a couple of months, until now. I’ve been going to PerFit for over a year and it is like no other gym that I know of. For me I love it so much because it’s not about what you can’t do, it’s not about being judged or made to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed because you can’t keep up with everyone else. It’s about YOU and doing YOUR very best. I keep going because every boot camp is different and challenging in so many ways, and I’ve become a much more happier and confident person since going. I know I’ve struck gold because of our coaches we have, I’ve laughed and cried to them and they’ve given me nothing but support and encouragement the whole way.

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Olivia Mulraney


We cannot thank the team at Perfit Training Centre enough for making our workout experience so enjoyable! It’s not just about how fit and strong you are, it’s about living a healthy lifestyle and PerFit have taught us to approach life with a new optimism, confidence and self-belief.

The trainers make everyone feel welcome, always easy to talk to and offer great advice and tips. Not since training for the Olympic Games has a gym or personal trainer been able to provide us with an environment or regime of such intensity where the results are inevitable.

The amazing team at PerFit drive us, motivate us and gives us the tools that we need to live a better and healthier life no matter what our goals are.

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Shayne Reese & Luke Harper

Olympic gold medalists and business owners



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