With constantly varied workouts and a dynamic community to train with CrossFit is not just another boring gym fad… it is a state of mind, a philosophy, and a lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are because CrossFit coaches people of all ages and abilities to improve their overall fitness in a fun and challenging environment.

Scalable To Fitness Levels : Our program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We have a tiered level program that allows anyone to participate from brand new to exercise to olympic athletes.

Constantly Varied: Each day’s workout is different and consists of constantly varied functional movements. This keeps training enjoyable and well rounded.

High Intensity : Our classes are only 60 minutes long but they are designed to increase strength and fitness fast.

Group Training : Unlike regular gyms, PerFit combines fitness with a sense of community. We are a big family that train, motivate, and socialize together.

Quality Coaching :All our coaches are professionally trained and our classes are capped to ensure that you always get a premium experience.


We understand that trying a new fitness method or gym can be daunting. The truth is we have all been there and that’s why we have developed our exclusive free consultation with Bec or Anthony.

In this consultation we will spend an entire hour with you getting to know you, understand your goals in detail, complete a body composition analysis, fitness assesment and find out if we can be 100% certain we can help you achieve them. If we can’t be 100% certain we won’t waste your time or money.

The truth is we only work with the truly committed, that like to have fun and will be a good fit for our community.

If you are ready to commit to yourself and your goals then schedule your free consultation HERE and lets see if we can help you achieve your goals and more!