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Claire Montano.

"I believe in investing in your body so that you feel good inside and out. Healthy mum, healthy baby. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get back into shape post my first baby, but with Bec’s class everything is taken care of. Bec has the workout all organised for you in a relaxing and friendly environment.

I was able to bring my baby to each class too, which meant I could always ensure I was going to get my workout done at the same time each week, and get some important ‘me’ time. I can now Deadlift up to 50kgs and I feel stronger and fitter than I did pre-baby. Bec helped me build my pelvic floor and core strength, so I have been able to return to normal exercise confidently. I have not only regained my confidence in my body, but I have made some great friends along the way too."

Kate Plover.

"If you are wanting to get your core strength back, this class is for you. Since doing these sessions my core strength is better than before I had Ruby. I took every week at my own pace and with the awesome coaching from Bec I can now safely lift over 100kgs!

I can take Ruby with me so no need to worry about finding a babysitter!

So if you're a mum and you want your core strength back and so much more, sign up for these sessions, you won't regret it.
Come on mums, get out there and do something for yourselves!"








Hannah Cozens

"I had a rough pregnancy and a rough 6 months after my pregnancy with major surgery followed by a post op infection. I was starting to feel like there was no road back to the fit healthy person I’d been before I fell pregnant. I decided to set myself a challenge and complete the program with Bec Slater at PerFit.

Bec was fantastic with me and exactly what I needed. She tailored my program to suit me and was mindful of the extra issues I had. She was encouraging, helpful and explained things well. It was slow going for me, and still will be slow going, but Bec has put me on the path back and I couldn’t be more grateful, I can finally see that I can get back to the fit healthy person I was and as a mum, this is so important to me. I would recommend Bec and PerFit's program to anyone, if it suited me it would truly suit anyone, so give it a go!"


Kate Geljon.

"I signed up to PerFit feeling incredibly nervous. The last time I had completed a proper workout or lifted anything was before I was pregnant with Elliot. I missed that feeling of accomplishment and feeling strong after a workout so I contacted PerFit about the program.
Bec was great in making me feel at ease and explaining the program in full, which includes an individualized program. Throughout the 12 weeks Bec was attentive to my individual needs and adapted exercises to suit me and where I was at with my fitness journey. She also encouraged me to go beyond what I thought my body was capable of.
I finished the 12 weeks feeling so much stronger. I gained confidence in my body and myself again."

My name is Rebecca Slater or Bec, I’m a mother of 5, yep 5 beautiful children 12, 11, 9, 6 and 4 and for the past four years I’ve been helping women of all walks of life live a healthier and happier life, from postnatal mums to women that want to feel strong and confident within themselves.

Strength and Conditioning is something I'm truly passionate about as it's something that has helped me feel strong, confident and recover from the physical and psychological demands of pregnancy. I know through my own experiences what this program can do and that's why I'm so passionate about empowering other women to do the same.

Our program caters for all women who are ready to regain their confidence, build their strength and get that all important me time.  


Our unique program Women's Strength & Conditioning is not just another group class, it's a semi-private personal training session 100% catered for you. Before you start you will sit down with Bec in a private and confidential consultation, this gives us a full understanding of you, see if this program is right fit and then develop your personalised program to get you moving forward safely.

The Program, is designed to work with you on;

  • Strength Training to build lean muscle
  • Conditioning to assist with fat loss
  • Core Strength bringing back that core
  • Increased energy
  • Feeling STRONG and CONFIDENT within your body again! 

Running through school terms, giving us 4 blocks for the year. You can do a one off block or commit to the complete strength and conditioning program.
We run 2 sessions a week, where you will progress through your tailored program under the watchful eyes of our passionate coaches. This ensures you progress safely and effectively. These are child friendly sessions that run on a Monday and Wednesday 9:30-10:30am and are capped at 6 women only


- 4 Training Blocks (run through school terms) commit to your goals for the year or one block at a time
- BONUS unlimited Conditioning Sessions with Oxygen & CrossFit during each training block

2020 Block Dates;


Block 1 - Feb 3rd - Mar 25th (8 weeks)
Block 2 - Apr 13th - Jun 24th (11 weeks)
Block 3 - Jul 13th - Sep 15th (10 weeks)
Block 4 - Oct 5th - Dec 15th (10 weeks)

Don't wait to get your 2020 set up and make it the year you unleash your inner warrior and become that STRONG, CONFIDENT women you deserve to be!




Women's Strength & Conditioning

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