“The needs of the elderly and professional athletes vary by degree, not kind. Where one needs functional competency to maintain independence, the other needs functional mastery to maintain dominance. Improved hip capacity will help a pro ball player’s throw to first; it will also reduce the chances of grandpa falling in the tub."

— Greg Glassman

CrossFit Legends 55+

We Believe

Everyone should be able to live the life they want and not be hindered by chronic disease or immobility. Our legends class is designed for anyone 55 years old or older wanting to maintain the highest quality of life and reduce their dependence on others.

Our Legends program goal is increased independence, developed as participants build the following:

  • joint, muscle and tendon/ligament mobility,
  • core stability and strength, which results in better posture & balance,
  • strength and mobility in the most commonly atrophied and/or underdeveloped muscles in “older people”: glutes (rear-end) and hamstrings (back of leg) and “back” in general (mid/upper back and low back),
  • stamina and endurance – a little goes a long way – stairs get easier to maneuver and distances needed to travel to seem shorter,
  • community…it just happens; those you exercise with become your partners…your friends.

CrossFit workouts are flexible, based on ability

The best part of CrossFit is how workouts are so flexible. Any person with any ability can do CrossFit because of its sliding scale of ability. All workouts, and indeed all exercises, “scale down”. A “scale down” of a movement strips it of various levels of difficulty. For example;

-          a 1 kilometer run is reduced to 400m run or even a 200m walk. Sometimes just reducing the volume helps people at different levels find their way.

-          the recommended weight is reduced and adjusted according to the individuals ability. This means reducing the intensity.

-          actual exercises are scaled down. For example, a push up is scaled down to a wall push up. This is done to reduce the level of difficulty, the complexity or the technique required so an individual can create a strong foundation of coordination and strength.

What does a normal Legends class look like?

  1. We spend the first few minutes checking in: How is everyone feeling? Any news? Jokes and “antics” typically begin here!
  2. We warm up. Warm ups vary, but they’re designed to get your heart beating a little faster and the blood circulating throughout your body, and loosen you up – make sure we have good range of motion in those joints we’re about to work out. It could include (but not be limited to): rowing, bike, theraband, activation and mobility.
  3. We work on a movement(s) that helps to increase joint range of motion, build strength and endurance, and help build muscle memory for patterns we like to see occur, specifically in range of motion (for example, reaching overhead).
  4. We work on “lifting”: medicine balls, barbells, dumbbells, and kettle bells.  Light to heavy loads (specific to the individual athlete), low to high reps.
  5. We do a “workout” that is at a little higher speed/intensity than the other parts of the class. You have a task and a goal….it’s almost like game. We may do several short workouts or one longer workout.
  6. We rest in between these segments of the class.
  7. Sessions run for 45mins, everyone works at their own pace and ability level.
  8. And…it’s a good fun!

Sessions are held on a Monday & Friday 9:30-10:15am and your first week is free, we want to make sure CrossFit Legends is going to be for you

Start your free week with us now!

If you’re curious about starting CrossFit Legends don’t let the pro’s intimidate you! Start at your own pace and find out what your body really can achieve.

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