Getting Started

Intro/Elements Sessions

Stepping into a new gym for the first time can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming. At PerFit we understand all this and want to get you on the path to success from the start.


Through our Intro/Elements sessions!

The best way to find out if PerFit is for you is to give it a try. We offer a complementary, 100% obligation-free introduction session. During your session you will be introduced to CrossFit and Oxygen methodology. Our Coaches will spend time with you, introducing you to the movements and easing you in to a workout.

These sessions run on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at multiple time slots, to cater for your busy schedule. If you decide that you want to continue on, we will schedule you in for your next two Intro/Element sessions. This will prepare you for moving into group classes by providing you with technique and skills to perform all movements safely. Click the link below to find a time that best suits you.

It is also the safest way that we can help you be comfortable before entering a faster pace CrossFit or Oxygen class. Our experienced Coaches have worked with 100’s of people just like you and have watched them grow in confidence, technique, fitness and overall health. Everybody starts somewhere, for you that somewhere is here and the best part is being part of a friendly, supportive community 


- anyone wanting to start exercising safely.
- this course is designed for all beginners.
- for current or former CrossFit members to freshen up their skills again.
- is just nervous about jumping straight into a CrossFit or Oxygen class.

How Do I Start?



Book a complementary Intro/Elements class. A session that helps us work with you on breaking down any barriers you may have and show you that PerFit is more than a gym.


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After initial Intro/Elements class
Schedule your next two Intro/Elements with our coaches.
Schedule two one on one sessions at your desired time.
This will prepare you for moving into group classes by providing you with technique and skill to perform all movements safely

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Join the Group Classes
Once you've completed your Intro/Elements sessions you may join our group classes and take advantage of our community events. You will select a membership option that best suits you.

Want to jump straight into it?

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