PerFit CrossFit Ballarat

What is CrossFit?

With constantly varied workouts and a dynamic community to train with CrossFit is not just another boring gym fad… it is a state of mind, a philosophy and a lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are because CrossFit coaches people of all ages and abilities to improve their overall fitness in a fun and challenging environment. Get started with a FREE trial class specifically designed for beginners to discover if CrossFit is the right fit for you.

Scalable To Fitness Levels Our program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience.

Constantly Varied Each days workout is different and consists of constantly varied functional movements. This keeps training enjoyable and well rounded.

High Intensity Our classes are only 60 minutes long but they are designed to increase strength and fitness fast.

Group Training Unlike regular gyms, PerFit CrossFit combines fitness with a sense of community. We are a big family that train, motivate and socialise together.

Quality Coaching All our coaches are professionally trained and our classes are capped at 15 people to ensure that you always get a premium CrossFit experience.

GET STARTED TODAY – Follow steps below


The only way to know if PerFit CrossFit is for you, and that’s to try it!


Step One:

Free Trial Session – Enjoy a 60 minute training session and see if CrossFit is for you. We run our trial sessions on Monday’s, Wednesday’s 6:00pm if these times don’t suit we can arrange another time slot that will!

Step Two: (new to CrossFit)

CrossFit Elements Course – Finished your trial and ready to get started? Our Elements Course is designed to introduce you to the movements found in CrossFit, In addition, we prepare you for moving into group classes by providing you with technique and skills to perform all movements safely. We do this in a one-on-one setting so that everything we work through is 100% tailored specifically for you. This gives us a chance to set you up from the start by providing you with intelligent substitution exercises to suit your specific needs.

Step Three:

General Classes – Hungry for more? If you completed the CrossFit Elements Course or have previously done a minimum of 6 months of CrossFit then you are ready for regular CrossFit classes. Visit our pricing page for great membership options and call us to get started.

CrossFit FREE Trial Session

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