Corporate Services

Whatever type of business you’re in, your team can benefit from a tailored program or course at Perfit. We run several programs for many companies offering a new way to tackle team building and morale building solutions.

Team Health

Many large corporations understand the increase value and productivity that comes form a healthy workforce. Perfit offer Corporate Group a range of tailored programs that encourage Businesses of 6 or more people to undertake a healthy lifestyle as group. This method breeds harmony, empathy and healthy team spirit within an organisation. This in turn leads to greater heath for the individuals, and greater productivity and profit for the business.

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Corporate Membership

We also offer a Corporate membership package for your employees. This membership can add value to your employees remuneration package to aid retention of your important staff and also improve their health and well being.

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Team Building

If your workforce need a morale lift, a challenge to bring out the teams best, or a break for the daily grind. Perfit may have the answer with our specially designed team building programs. Perfit can create numerous challenges to suit any fintess or skill level.

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