CrossFit Teens - Outdoor Sessions

Our mission in these unprecedented times is to keep as many kids healthy, active and socially engaged with other kids from all over Australia or even the world!

We understand the importance of keeping active during this time for our mental and physical well-being and right now our kids sports, gyms and all other physical activities have had to stop. The goal is to bring the activity to our teens with two OUTDOOR classes per week at Ballarat.

The past 3 and a half years, we have been running a highly successful program to hundreds of kids from age 3 to 17yrs and now bringing it to your living room. No equipment is needed, we will utilise body weight movements, and everyday objects, like their school bags. If you have some equipment we will show you how to incorporate them into the workouts.

Our Teens program is an amazing opportunity for teens 12-17yrs to get outside, be active and develop a love of movement and fitness.

We will develop agility, coordination, balance, speed, flexibility and strength. Teens experience constant variety to keep them engaged. They also enjoy the benefits of working together as a group – not to mention the feeling of success from their own achievements.

Our goal is to keep our teens active through these unprecedented times. Broad-Inclusive-General fun. Fun means we provide an active alternative to sedentary pursuits, they will have so much FUN, they may not even know they are exercising.

We understand that some teens develop athletic skills faster than others, so our coaches are able to scale (up or down) the program accordingly so each teen in the class has their classes matched to their ability.


Utilising our massive outdoor space at Ballarat on Tuesday and Thursday nights. There is no requirement for equipment but if you have access to a Kettlebell or Dumbbell bring them along with a mat.

Session Times;
Tuesday & Thursday
Teens 5:15-6:00pm


CrossFit Teens is designed to be attainable for everyone so we have a couple of options to join all the fun. It's just $15 per week and runs through the remainder of term 2 (8 weeks) a

One session per week $10 (term paid upfront)
Two sessions per week $15 (term paid upfront)

Simply fill in the registration form, select membership option and we will be in contact to get you set up.





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